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Meet the KPSAHS counseling faculty

Anthony Dragonette, PsyD

Program Director

Marlen Kanagui-Muñoz
Marlen Kanagui-Muñoz, PhD

Core Counseling Faculty and Director of Training

Beth Alvarez
Beth Alvarez, LCSW

Core Counseling Faculty

DeAnn Smetana
DeAnn Smetana, PsyD, DBH, LPCC

Core Counseling Faculty

Aviance Rhome-Boroff
Aviance Rhome-Boroff, PsyD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Emily W. Schiller
Emily W. Schiller, PsyD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Maggie Mullen
Maggie Mullen, LCSW, DBT-LBC

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

The Master of Science in Counseling program partners with the Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Training Program.

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