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Meet the KPSAHS counseling faculty

Anthony Dragonette, PsyD

Program Director

Marlen Kanagui-Muñoz
Marlen Kanagui-Muñoz, PhD

Core Counseling Faculty and Direction of Training

Aviance Rhome-Boroff
Aviance Rhome-Boroff, PsyD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Diana Le
Diana Le, PhD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Emily W. Schiller
Emily W. Schiller, PsyD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Julie L. Shulman
Julie L. Shulman, PhD

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Maggie Mullen
Maggie Mullen, LCSW, DBT-LBC

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

The Master of Science in Counseling program partners with the Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Training Program.

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