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Welcome to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Abdominal Sonography - Extended Concentration

If you want to work in health care and are a detailed oriented person looking for a new career, look no further, Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Abdominal Sonography - Extended Concentration is the program for you.

This exciting and rigorous program provides a blend of hands on training in clinical medical offices & hospitals throughout Northern California as well as provide interactive in-class didactic lectures.

Sonographers are technologists that use ultrasonic equipment to look at the structure and function of the soft tissue organs in the body. They are part of the health care team that help physicians diagnose patients.


Student Retention Rates

Cohort Total # of Students Admitted Total # of Re-Entry Students Added to Cohort Total # of Students in Cohort [Admits + Re-Entry] Total # of Graduates in Annual Report Year from Cohort Retention Rate
Class of 2020 13 1 14 11 79%


Job Placement Rates

Cohort Total # of Graduates Total # of Graduates
Employed within 6 months
Job Placement Rate
Class of 2020 11 10 91%


Credential Success Rates

Cohort Credential Exam Total Graduate Test Takers Earned from ARDMS Earned from CCI Credential Success Rate
Class of 2020 Abdomen (AB) 11 11 0 100%
Class of 2020 OB/GYN (OB) 11 11 0 100%


Please refer to the description in the Catalog for additional details about this educational program, including the program prerequisites, certification/licensure requirements, mission statement, goals, program learning outcomes, job duties, physical requirements, length, structure, graduation requirements, and course descriptions. For more information, please view this Information Session module on Abdomninal Sonography.