KPSAHS Admissions
Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in KPSAHS. The following FAQs are provided help you find the answers you need as you begin your educational journey.

If you have questions that are not on this FAQ, contact The KPSAHS Admissions Team and we will be happy to answer.


    Make sure you are using the correct format for your username (firstname.lastname). Your email is not your username.
    No. You will need to Create a New Account for your new application.
    The admissions department reviews the duplicate cue daily. Once we clear the duplicate application, you will receive an email.

    Your uploaded documents will be visible to you after we review and accept or reject them. Please allow at least 7-10 days for this process to be completed.

    Generally, an error message is received after an applicant has uploaded a document, does not see it immediately, thinks it did not upload, and tries to upload it again.

    Remember, the document must be reviewed by admissions before you will be able to see it in your document center.

    This depends on your program. Prerequisite requirements for master’s, bachelor’s, and certificate programs are located at



    The Wonderlic Assessment is an online, timed scholastic skills exam that helps us determine whether an applicant has the minimum math and reading skills necessary to succeed in a programs.

    The exam contains basic English language and math questions.

    Applicants for Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy are required to take and pass the Wonderlic.



    An official transcript is a complete representation of a student’s academic record prepared by the school with the school’s official seal delivered directly to KPSAHS either via mail or electronically. (Transcripts delivered to the school by the student are not “official”.)

    KPSAHS accepts official transcripts by U.S. Mail or electronically. Instructions for submitting your official transcripts can be found at under “Official Transcripts.”

    Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a member of NACES. Instructions for submitting your official foreign transcripts can be found at under “Official Transcripts.”

    Visit your high school’s website for directions on ordering a copy of your transcript.

    First determine which school district your high school was in, then visit the school district’s website for directions on ordering your transcripts.

    The process for ordering a copy of your GED transcripts will vary by state. is a good place to start.

    Once we upload a copy of your official transcripts you will be able to view them in your document center. Please allow at least 7-10 days for this process to be completed. Processing times will increase around application deadlines.



    No. Your degree must be conferred and appear on your transcript when you apply.

    No. All prerequisite courses must be completed and appear on your transcript when you apply.

    Yes. We do not currently have a recency requirement.



    Certain KPSAHS programs require students to have a valid American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certification.

    No. All CPR cards must be issued by the American Heart Association.



    All bachelor’s degree programs, and the master’s degree program have one start per year. Medical Assisting has an evening start in the spring quarter and a day start in the fall quarter. Phlebotomy has four starts per year (one each quarter). Application period information can be found under Programs and Applications on the Apply Now page.



    No. These are distinctly different programs. Please decide which program is best for you and apply accordingly.

    Please decide which program track is best for you and apply accordingly.

    We do not encourage this. We are looking for applicants who are passionate about a specific modality.



    No. Applicants are required to find their own job shadowing opportunities. KPSAHS does not assist with this process.

    Yes. Submitting either is fine.



    KPSAHS does not offer institutional student financial aid nor does KPSAHS participate in either the federal (Title IV) or state financial aid programs.

    KPSAHS is not a Title IV school which means that we do not participate in the federal financial aid programs. Students are encouraged to find alternative sources for tuition and fee assistance.

    Yes, KPSAHS offers one payment plan. The payment plan requires the student to pay tuition and fees each quarter.

    Please visit the Scroll down to the program that you are interested in completing. If you click on the pdf on the right, you will find the Schedule of Student Charges that provides a detailed list of tuition and fees by quarter, the payment plan and other important cost information.

    Please call the KPSAHS Student Finance Office at (510) 231-4327 for assistance.


Please visit the KPSAHS Finance page for detailed information on tuition, financial aid, and scholarships.

Again, if you don't see an answer for your question on this FAQ, contact KPSAHSAdmissions Team. We are happy to help.